Honey Badger Tours & Safaris

Mastering the art of Travel and Tourism in Namibia.
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Our Mission

To create holiday tours and trips that will remain as fond memories to our guests. Guests’ well-being, safety, comfort, interests and needs are paramount and will be catered for as far as possible and with the resources available to us.

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Our Values

Integrity to represent the company, its members and Namibia, as well as industry partners as best as possible.

Honesty to share meaningful yet truthful experiences with guests in order to avoid misunderstanding between parties.

Tolerance and mutual respect

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Our Commitment

Our commitment to delivering excellent service, useful and necessary information and a truly enjoyable holiday to for our visitors is based on: experience, communication, destination knowledge, quality assurance and safety.


This tour company is a wholly Namibian-owned business and we love the Honey Badger. It holds the Guinness Book of World Records title of "World's Most Fearless Creature.” It compartmentalizes fear and summons the courage to tackle great danger. Just so, through determination to craft a holiday with memories to share for years, and perseverance to ensure utmost comfort and enchanting experiences for our guests, Honey Badger Tours and Safaris Namibia cc looks forward to welcoming you.

Honey Badger Tours & Safaris cc was created out of the need to provide personalized and custom tours that cater to the specific needs of guests, no matter how big or small their request may be.

As the local operator we are the intermediary between travellers and the many service providers in the country. We are here to provide information so that guests can make informed decisions and benefit from the most valuable options, all the while keeping safety as the number one priority whilst on holiday.

The Service Quality

Our guides are the secret weapon behind our success.

Reliability stemming from a combined experience of 35 years in the Hospitality and Tourism sectors.

Flexibility in finding custom solutions to custom requests and needs for the individual as well as the group.

Knowledge-based recommendations based on vast experience in destinations and field experiences, as well as good relationships with service providers.

Availability for suggestions and amendments prior to and during the tour.